How to decry poverty and get rich on the public payroll

Isn’t it amazing how people can make a career decrying poverty and end up collecting big bucks from taxpayers for not much work? Consider the case of University of North Carolina Law School Professor Gene Nichol, who teaches one course per semester, and pulls down almost $213,000 per year in that state-funded school, as a professor and head of the school’s Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity. Add in his wife, also on the UC payroll ay the medical school and Health Care System, and this fun couple pulls down over 600k per year. The College Fix has the goods on Nichol, in an article by Lauren Dooley, and it makes for educational reading on the nature of liberalism. You get to cloak yourself in righteousness and lead a cush lifestyle on the taxpayers’ dime if you play your cards right in the academic world. Shades of Paul Krugman.  Nichol doesn’t confine himself to a classroom: …in the past he served as president of the College of...(Read Full Post)