How much longer can Democrats stand by President Obama's lawlessness?

Put me down as someone who has not seen this kind of irresponsible lawlessness in the US before.

President Nixon had Watergate but that's beginning to look a lot like a PG movie compared to what we are seeing from this administration, from going around Congress on the prisoner swap to the events on the US-Mexico border.

For the record, I support a moderate immigration reform package that allows some of "the dreamers" to stay here, especially those who've been succeeding in school or who want to serve in the US military.  It should be part of a broad border security plan.  The 10-12 million people who are here will have to wait until we can understand the economic impact of adding more people to an economy that is not producing enough jobs.

However, I can not blame those members of the GOP who've concluded that President Obama will not respect whatever Congress does to resolve the immigration problem. 

Let's look at what is happening on the US-Mexico border.

According to news reports, a spike in illegal immigration is overwhelming border states. As Senator Cruz of Texas said, this is an outrage:

"Earlier this week, Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby released leaked photos of children in U.S. processing cells who entered the U.S. illegally and unaccompanied. The photos encapsulated the humanitarian crisis in relation to young, often unaccompanied, border crossers.   

Cruz said of the skyrocketing number of children crossers, "When I was down at the border, Border Patrol agents were telling me with horror that roughly 10 percent of apprehended people were unaccompanied minors."  

He continued, "The people who are bringing men, women, and children in illegally are not pleasant, happy, placid coyotes.  These are criminal cartels. These are ruthless, brutal, nasty criminals. The idea that you have parents handing their teenage daughter or son over to a global criminal cartel is a humanitarian crisis. Untold numbers of these teens are facing assault, are facing a life of hell being turned over to drug kingpins.""

This is also a perfect storm.

First, we have a president who "panders" but never did a darn thing about the problem when he had majorities in both Houses of Congress.  He loves "si se puede" speeches but has not done much to address the problem at any level.

Second, we have a president who has never publicly said that the US border has to be respected.  In other words, coming to the US, as our family did in 1964, is not an entitlement.  It is something that you have to earn and it starts by respecting the law.

Third, we have a weak Democrat party that desperately needs a massive Hispanic turnout in November to defend their electoral gains of the past.

Fourth, we have large numbers of people who've been told that they will "make it" by getting over here before Congress votes.

Fifth, and most important, we have a president who does not care about the rule of law.  It's all about turnout in November.

So we have thousands and thousands of kids, sitting on the border.

Again, this is an outrage and it starts with President Obama, a man who refuses to defend the people who live in border states.

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