Hillary aides tried to bully New York Times over her coverage

Hillary Clinton wants to set the terms on which the media cover her. As first lady, she got away with that, and as a weird feminist icon who owed her position to her husband, as senator and secretary of state, she enjoyed protected status. Consider how the media played her up as an effective secretary of state and how public polling revealed that the impression was getting through to the public that she had accomplished something by all her flying around. So naturally, she believes that she is entitled to a free pass from the mainstream media, who have been her allies all along.  She is playing games with her presidential campaign, claiming she is undecided about running as she systematically assembles the pieces necessary to run. As a “private citizen,” (albeit one who regularly appears in public for six figure speaking fees and is about to launch a new autobiographical book) her personal/political life ought to be off limits, she disingenuously claims. That...(Read Full Post)