Hey, Democrats, You Have Him, You Can Keep Him

President Obama bragged to a retiring Congressman that he and other Democrats should not worry about their futures because they have him and his popularity will assure their re-elections. How does that albatross feel now, Democrats?

Now safely retired Congressman Marion Berry (D-Arkansas) disclosed to a reporter that Barack Obama responded to pleas from Blue Dog Democrats that he temper his agenda by boasting that the big difference between 1994 (when they had the same worries about Bill Clinton) and 2010 was “You’ve got me”.

NPR has a poll out of battleground states that portrays how great that millstone will be for Democrats in those states in 2014.  Guy Benson comments:

A look at the results, bearing in mind that presidential approval rating has historically been the single most significant variable in midterm election cycles:

That would be (38/58) overall, including an abysmal (33/63) among independents. On the generic ballot — a measure on which Republicans traditionally struggle — the GOP holds a three-point lead (46/43), buoyed by an eight-point advantage with indies.  But it’s the ‘issue trust‘ questions, that must really worry Barack Obama’s party:

A four point Republican lead on healthcare (an issue Democrats have historically dominated — gee, what changed?), a tie on protecting the middle class (that’s a catastrophe for Democrats), and a double-digit GOP edge on America’s dominant number one issue.  Americans remain “highly anxious” about the US economy, political handicapper Charlie Cook writes today, and voters in battleground states appear poised to place the blame on the president’s party.  Conventional wisdom holds that bread-and-butter issues will carry the day in the fall, but I’d wager that voters are currently more attuned to foreign affairs than they’ve been in years, due in large part to the Bergdahl/Taliban swap and Iraq’s head-spinning descent into jihadi hell.  Which party do battleground state voters trust more on foreign policy?  Blowout:

Obama’s Gallup Poll numbers are plummeting; the White House is more isolated than ever before; polls shows Americans are unhappy with the way the nation is being governed and where it is headed (could it be disability, food stamp, employment, growth numbers)  and Americans by wide margins now think Obama does not tell the truth on major issues.

You want him, Democrats?  Well..you got him.

How does that particular Obama boast sound now?