David Goldman, AKA 'Spengler' guests on Moran's show

Join us for another episode of the RINO of Power with your host, Rick Moran.

The terrorists of the ISIS along with thier Sunni tribal allies are forcing some harsh realities to emerge in Iraq. Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has now called for a boycott of the Sunni political bloc and has accused Saudi Arabia of "genocide" because of their support for the terrorists. Sectarian civil war seems inevitable.

The Kurds have taken the city of Kirkuk and aren't likely to give it back to the central government. The country appears to be flying apart at the seams and it's unclear if there's any shortcut to putting the pieces back together.

Meanwhile, Iran continues its support of the murderous Assad regime in next door Syria as they foment unrest elsewhere in the Middle East.

Can Iraq be saved?

I discussed the issue with David P. Goldman, aka "Spengler" - a columnist for Asia Times Online and PJ Media and author of "The Way Civilizations Die."

Also joining me will be American Thinker political correspondent Rich Baehr for a rapid fire "Lightening Round" of questions.

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