Brat Flusters the Establishment

The dust hasn’t settled from the downfall of Eric Cantor and David Brat is already receiving “directives “. Two op-eds, both courtesy of the NY Sun, appeared on the dawn of the primary congratulating Brat, declaring that he was very promising indeed, and providing friendly advice to drop that immigration stuff if he knows what's good for him. The first is from the generally sensible Larry Kudlow: … Mr. Brat seems to be saying that free-market capitalism is the best path to prosperity. My kind of guy. However, during the late stages of his primary campaign, Mr. Brat railed against immigration reform and hammered Mr. Cantor on the issue. On this subject, he’s not my kind of guy. The second, unsigned, was probably produced by Seth Lipsky: The issue in Mr. Brat’s kit that we worry about most is immigration. We take immigration to be a sign of America’s position of relative attractivensss and the immigrants...(Read Full Post)