Border, Syria, Iraq...

Ron Fournier quoted a Democrat saying that President Obama is bored of being president.    

What a time for a guy to get bored!

Down on the border, we are watching something that will make Mariel 1980 look like a PG movie.  Yes, there were criminals among those who came here from Cuba, but most were adults quickly absorbed by the Miami economy.  Today, most of them are productive taxpayers in the Miami area.  

On the border today, we have kids, and most will have to be supported by the state for years.   

As bad as the border crisis is, what we are watching in Iraq may turn into a nightmare of geopolitical proportions. 

As I write this, major cities in Iraq are falling under terrorist rule.  In fact, the terrorists are headed toward Baghdad, and the entire country could be lost in weeks.  This is the same Iraq where 4,400 Americans lost their lives and won a war.

Iraq is falling apart because President Obama never understood that a successful ending of the war was in the best interest of the U.S., whether you supported the war or didn't.  In other words, the debate was over once we entered the war.  President Obama could never force himself to say that to the people who voted for him.

I agree with Christian Whiton, a former George W. Bush administration State Department senior advisor.  He said this:

"For his part, Obama gave away the security and power that came from Bush's victorious surge of military forces in 2007.

Obama intentionally failed to reach an agreement to keep some forces in Iraq and felt he was above dealing with Iraq's leaders as Bush had.”

Whiton said that the United States should not send troops to Iraq. However, he said there are other ways Congress and the White House could intervene.

He said that if America continues to sit on the sidelines, there could be more disaster in store.

Syria is also a problem, and there is a perfect storm brewing, according to news reports:

An al-Qaida splinter group that has seized a huge chunk of northern Iraq commands as many as 10,000 fighters and has steadily been consolidating its hold on much of northeastern Syria across the border.

This is all happening because we have a president who is bored with his job.  Maybe he should resign and let someone else try to run things.  

This is no time for a man who is "bored" or would rather be doing something else.

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