Bookstore remainder tables bracing for hundreds of thousands of copies of Hillary's book

It’s not like they weren’t warned. Ed Timperlake wrote about the coming ordeal facing the bookstore remainder tables of America over a month ago in American Thinker:

Clinton Inc. sycophants will do everything possible to hype her book onto any best seller list that they can think of or, at least at a minimum delay it from the very embarrassing remainders table at books stores.

After only two weeks of sales, it is obvious that those remainder tables are in for an ordeal. Sales of Hard Choices have been anemic:

Mz. Hillary’s Hard Choices sold about 85,000 copies in its first week, placing it on the NYT bestsellers list for about as long as it takes a David Price fastball to reach home plate. During its second week, her overlong screed sold just 48,000 copies, and was lapped by the usual diet and self-help books

At this rate, the gaudy advance Simon & Schuster paid Mz Hillary looks more like a political donation than a business investment. 

The two biggest weeks of the book’s sales total only 133,000 copies. That’s about thirteen percent of the initial press run of 1 million copies. Buzzfeed:

Bookstores and other retailers ordered through the first printing of Clinton’s book — which totaled 1 million copies — two weeks before it had even been published. (snip)

The publisher has not released information about a second printing of Hard Choices.)

How many trees died in the printing of hundreds of thousands of doomed copies of Hard Choices? Where is the Friends of the Earth on this catastrophe for our forests?

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