As students face tuition hike, Hillary to collect 225k for UNLV speech

Hillary Clinton will continue to “work hard” recovering from being “near broke” to stay not “truly well-off” by collecting $225,000 for a speech in Las Vegas at the public university campus there. The University of Nevada, Las Vegas coincidentally has just announced a tuition increase of 4% a year for the next 4 years. David Martosko of the UK Daily Mail reports:

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will collect a $225,000 speaking fee from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in October, it emerged on Tuesday.

The massive expense was confirmed just weeks after the university formalized a 4 per cent tuition increase for each of the next four years. Rate hikes have nearly tripled tuition costs there since 2004.

Clinton will deliver the keynote address at an invitation-only gala for philanthropists and other high-dollar donors who support UNLV. The university said private funds are being tapped to pay her speaking fee.

But students see a zero-sum financial gain in which that money could have chipped away at tuition increases.

Money is fungible, so the funds paid to Mrs. Clinton could have been directed toward tuition hike remediation. But then, the donors who chipped-in to have their pictures taken with Hillary might not get the memento they expected. Unless, of course, Mrs. Clinton made the speech for free, or perhaps only for the modest fee of 5 or 10 thousand dollars. But accepting such a measly sum for an hour or so of work would be a considerable hardship and beneath her dignity, wouldn’t it? Why, the average American voter would understand how such a fee wouldn’t be acceptable, I am sure. Much better that the students cough up higher tuition.

I am sure Hillary would be glad to defend her speaking fees and the tuition hike.  Run, Hillary, run.

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