Antarctica puts the lie to warmist nonsense

Laughter seems to the only proper response to the current wave of alarmism about global warming. The facts so severely contradict the prophets of doom that scorn is more than appropriate, it is virtually required. Those pictures of polar bears supposedly left homeless by melting ice are double fantasies. The polar bear population is not declining, and neither is the ice.

In fact, the latest data from Antarctica show that sea ice at that pole is at a record high since measurements began. Harold Ambler writes at Wattsupwiththat:

The sea ice surrounding Antarctica, which, as I reported in my book, has been steadily increasing throughout the period of satellite measurement that began in 1979, has hit a new all-time record high for areal coverage.

The new record anomaly for Southern Hemisphere sea ice, the ice encircling the southernmost continent, is 2.074 million square kilometers and was posted for the first time by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign’s The Cryosphere Today early Sunday morning.

Charts show this:

The pompous etsablishmentarians who proclaim our need to ahnd over money and power to them in order to escape an imaginary danger are charlatans, and deserve no respect at all.

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