And the lights all went out in Caracas

It's not The Bee Gees' "Massachusetts" but the lights did go out in Caracas, as reported by The Guardian:

"A power plant failure has knocked out electricity across a large part of Venezuela, interrupting a nationally televised presidential ceremony and forcing a suspension of subway and train services around the country.  

The outage affected at least 14 of the country's 23 states and caused several hours of traffic jams, as well as darkening homes and offices, in the capital, Caracas, on Friday.  

The plant, supplying electricity to Venezuela's central and western regions, failed in the early afternoon, said the electricity minister, Jesse Chacon. Power was mostly restored in Caracas by nightfall but remained out in other parts of the country, where power failures are more common."

Let's just say that "Cubanization of Venezuela" is one step closer.  Venezuela, a country that never had routine power outages before Chavez, is now having them as often as they do in Castro's Cuba.

Socialism and electricity just don't go well together, do they?

A Venezuelan couple told me the other day that the lights go out so often that planning your evenings is impossible to do.  How can you go out or live a normal night life if the lights keep going out? 

Use candles?   Flash lights?  Well, they have a shortage of candles and batteries, too.

My Venezuelan friends did say that one good thing about the power outages is that they don't have to hear President Maduro's rants on TV. I remember my parents saying the same thing when the lights went out in Cuba!


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