A GOP Senate would do Significant Damage to Obama

Time to put aside differences and topple the tyrants.

Sam Baker writes about the prospects for Obama’s agenda should the GOP take the Senate and hold the House in the National Journal:

Here's how a Republican-controlled Senate's Obamacare strategy would likely play out:

First, expect a vote on full repeal. Republicans will use any procedural opening they can to get a full-repeal bill to Obama's desk, a Republican health care staffer said. Yes, Obama will veto it, and there will be plenty of eye rolling about how many futile repeal votes congressional Republicans have held. But the Senate has never held one, and any Republican who doesn't want to get primaried will want a chance to vote for repeal before moving on to anything that might look like "fixing" Obamacare.

After that, Republicans have two anti-Obamacare tracks -- bills that might pass, and bills they could force Obama to veto.

There's some low-hanging fruit that could gain bipartisan support. If Republicans win the Senate, for example, Obama will almost surely be presented with a bill to repeal the health care law's tax on medical devices. That proposal has passed the House and could easily pass the Senate today, with strong bipartisan support -- if it ever came up for a binding vote.

The GOP aide laid out a few more items that might win Democratic support, such as repealing the health insurance tax and stepping up the procedures for recapturing improper subsidies. Even a big-ticket item like repealing the employer mandate could attract red-state Democrats, allowing Republicans to argue that they're pursuing bipartisan reforms, even if most or all of their efforts are ultimately vetoed.

Aides also said Republicans will likely force Obama to veto a bill repealing the individual mandate. There's no way he'd ever sign such a bill, but the GOP sees political value in forcing the issue all the way to his desk.

There are more possible steps the GOP can take that Baker outlines in his must-read column. Apart from Obamacare , his and Harry Reid’s plans to stuff the federal courts with left-wing judges with lifetime tenure would be derailed.

The right side of the political spectrum is somewhat fractured. That is no surprise; but certainly the big goal should be kept in mind. Perfection can be the enemy of the good and purity can kill.

But if Americans are serious about derailing Obama’s plans for America the time to start is now-with planning, mobilizing, donating and talking to our friends and family. All with the goal of toppling the tyrants come November.

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