A Democratic Break in the IRS Scandal?

As difficult as it is to admit, it’ll take the help of Democrats if we’re ever to get to the truth of the IRS scandal. And the upcoming election presents a great opportunity to put them on the hot seat. An ever-so-slight opening was reported by The Hill as Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO) seemed to distance herself from IRS Commissioner John Koskinen in an interview on "Morning Joe".

“This guy did a terrible job being arrogant yesterday. We all think of the IRS as being arrogant, and he kind of confirmed that,” she added about his performance at a hearing Monday evening before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

She also opened a little door to any would be whistleblowers.

“Two people are in an email. It’s not just Lerner emailing Lerner," she said.

But she quickly echoed the party line that any mischief wasn’t coordinated from the White House. Nonetheless, it’s a start. The IRS scandal will never gain genuine, widespread, traction unless and until some Democrats join in. So the real question becomes, “How long can Obama and Reid and Pelosi hold the troops in line?”

If the president’s poll numbers and democrat party favorability continue to weaken -- there could be breaches in their defense.  Republicans would be wise to grill Democrats as to why the rush to judgment.