Venezuela's socialist paradise: New food rationing card

As many in the west denounce "unfettered" capitalism and wax poetic about the beauty of socialism, Venezuela shows exactly why people who promote socialism belong in an insane asylum.

Washington Times:

A new ration card is the latest idea by Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro to deal with the country’s perpetual food shortages.

The “Secure Food Supply” will limit the amount of basic necessities that Venezuelan citizens can buy, Reuters reported Friday. The goal of the card is to prevent individuals from hitting an in-store quota, exiting the facility and then returning to the back of the food line.

Currently, uniformed guards who check bags are employed to make sure shoppers are in compliance with quotas on items such as milk and sugar.

“These are systems to protect against contraband, so that all of this really does reach the people,” Mr. Maduro said upon unveiling the card in March, Reuters reported.

In order to win support for the rationing card, the socialist president is even offering citizens the chance to win prizes.

“Each month we’ll set aside, I don’t know, 500 apartments and maybe 500 vehicles, special bonuses, vacation packages,” Mr. Maduro told a crowd of Venezuelans, Reuters reported.

Gustavo Rojas, director of Polinomics, a pollster with offices in Washington and Caracas, told Reuters that Mr. Maduro’s plan will not work.

“The only way to eat is to produce or import, and right now neither of those [aspects of a healthy economy] is functioning correctly,” he said.

It couldn't happen here? Don't be silly. Socialism is the sharing of limited resources. It's not about creating wealth, it's about distributing the pain evenly. With no incentive to create, or work harder, or get ahead, who wants to be a sucker and produce more than what's required?

The wrong lessons will be drawn from Venezuela. The country is too corrupt, or they're just not doing it right. And the left will continue to agitate tor socialism because they know in their hearts they can make it work.

So much for the "reality based community."

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