Tuesday, May 6: Boehner Rebuke Hoped By Tea Party

This Tuesday, May 6 is the Republican primary election in Ohio, North Carolina, and Indiana . Tea party and conservative groups are hoping to hand GOP leaders like John Boehner a rebuke. Their goal is to scare the establishment to straighten up and fly “right” (less liberal).

Amnesty for illegal aliens could arrive soon after these primaries. Speaker of the House Boehner and House Majority Leader Eric Cantor have been promising major donors for months that they will pass amnesty once they are safe from challengers in the primaries. Amnesty has already passed the U.S. Senate. Boehner and Cantor paused it in the U.S. House. But privately they assure lobbyists that they will grant amnesty to 11 to 20 million future Democrat voters soon.

In 2010, conservative talk radio highlighted tea party candidates – in real time, while the polls were open. This year, talk radio’s biggest voices seem to be sitting on their hands. The trend nationwide favors a time-out from pruning bad branches from the Party.

Most campaigns now have sophisticated websites that allow any conservative nationwide to make phone calls for the candidate from anywhere. The campaigns are calling for donations and phone calls from any State.

On Tuesday, May 6:

In North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race, the establishment insists upon Thom Tillis, Speaker of the State House. The tea party and Ann Coulter are pushing hard for challenger Dr. Greg Brannon http://gregbrannon.com/, M.D. There are six other candidates, including contender Mark Harris. Tillis must win over 40% to avoid a run-off. A conservative in a run-off would probably beat Tillis in a low-turn-out rematch in June.

John Boehner faces challenger J.D. Winteregg https://jdwinteregg.nationbuilder.com/donate?utm_campaign=fundraising_sat&utm_medium=email&utm_source=jdwinteregg in Ohio’s 8th Congressional District. Just as when Mike Castle lost, the challenger Winteregg has been out meeting the voters door to door and face to face, while Boehner has been hiding from voters and skipping events. I interviewed Winteregg on Friday’s radio show: Click here. http://www.EnjoyAbaco.com/ccrs5-2-142Winteregg.mp3       

In Ohio’s 14th C.D., challenger Matt Lynch http://www.mattlynch.com/ is the favorite of tea party groups against Boehner’s colleague, the incumbent David Joyce. Radio hosts Glenn Beck and Doc Thompson interviewed Lynch on their nationwide programs Friday. Diverse conservatives from Ron Paul to Tea Party Patriots endorse Lynch to reform GOP leadership.

In Ohio’s 27th State Senate District, conservatives are hoping challenger Caleb Davenport http://www.davenportforohiosenate.com/ can retire State Sen. Frank LaRose, who is leading a movement for Republicans to compromise with Democrats.

In Ohio’s State House 76th District, Sarah LaTourette is the daughter of former Congressman Steve LaTourette, who is leading an effort to defeat tea party candidates with his “Defending Mainstreet PAC.” The PAC’s initial funding was from Democrat donors and labor unions. Therefore, promoting write-in candidate Linda O’Brien is a tea party priority.

Later, on June 10, challenger David Brat http://davebratforcongress.com/ is trying to knock off http://fairfaxfreecitizen.com/2014/04/22/brat-vs-cantor-looming-political-earthquake/ House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s 7th C.D. If Cantor survives that primary challenge, it could make June 11 the start of the final push for amnesty. I interviewed him recently on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show.

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