'The world (that would be us) seems to disappoint him'

“The World Seems to Disappoint Him.’ Says Obama biographer David Remnick, an Obama biographer and the editor of the New Yorker.

The problem, looked at another way is thus.  He has miscalculated the realities of the real world.  He is the anointed one from the ivory tower of academia and community organizing, steeped in theories and politically chic notions. That old Constitution just doesn’t demand that the government do enough for the People.  The Constitution seems to disappoint him as well.

The great disconnect between realities and “wishing it was so” is the pragmatic shortfall that seems ingrained into the liberal mindset.  Ramifications from the implementation of “warm and fuzzy” policies just don’t seem to register. 

Wind mills and solar panels, what a wonderful world it would be.  But the math doesn’t work.

“Can’t we all get along, come on guys.” A Foreign policy based on that notion doesn’t float in an atmosphere in which there are those who wish us harm, and deliver.

Health insurance for all, but what of medical costs and doctors that choose to sit this one out?  What is the impetus for those to enroll who will pay more?  Details, details.

The climate is warming, changing, disrupting.  We must curtail our carbon foot print.  What is lost is that India and China choose not to do anything of the sort. For us to hamstring our own industries to perhaps make an infinitesimal impact on what may indeed not be a man made problem is folly.  And one might ask, “where are all the scientists from India and China and Brazil that should be clamoring for their nations to curtail carbon usage?” 

If indeed the President is disappointed in the world, then indeed he has miscalculated.  It is his problem, his deficiency, his lack of observation.  The broken campaign promises, and others, were never truly grounded in reality.  No more earmarks, cutting the budget deficit in half, closing Gitmo, sitting down with the “bad guys” of the world and making them see things our way, and nuclear treaties that place us at a disadvantage all ring harmonic before the university crowds.  They all fall flat outside the think tank.

The problem seems to be that the President believes that if he thinks it so, it therefore must be so.  That is a curious manifestation of an over active self admiration.   Those who point to realities, practicalities, and offer objections based on fact are met with accusations of obstructionism and even racism.  Mr. President, if you are disappointed in the world, imagine how the world must feel.

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