The Panama Canal expansion will make it more difficult for California to compete with Texas

The Toyota relocation to North Texas is one of the largest such corporate relocations in recent memory.   As others have mentioned, the move was about business climate factors, such as taxes and regulations.  I think that there is another reason for businesses leaving the West Coast and moving to our side of the country, i.e. the expansion of the Panama Canal! In the next ten years, large ships will be able to cross the Canal and go to Houston, a port in "a right to work state" and with quicker access to much of the country.    New Orleans and other Gulf of Mexico ports will also benefit. According to a recent NBC news report: An estimated $5.25 billion is now being spent to deepen and widen the Panama Canal’s Pacific and Atlantic entrance channels, to raise the water level of Gatun Lake — through which all ships must pass — and to install new locks on both sides of the waterway. It’s due to open...(Read Full Post)