The Obama team messed up Benghazi 100%

Like most of you, I'm willing to give the President of the US the benefit of the doubt after a terrorist attack.  I think that's what a responsible citizen does.

However, the Benghazi "explanation" always seemed rather bizarre to me.

First, no national address from President  Obama, as we saw often in recent administrations. Remember President Carter addressing the nation about the failed hostage rescue attempt?  or President Reagan speaking after the attack of US soldiers at a German discotheque?  And so on.

Again, not a word to the American people from The Oval Office.  How can you a US ambassador killed, along with 3 other US citizens working at a diplomatic facility, and not hear a word from President Obama?

Second, the "You Tube video" story was hard to believe.  I didn't buy it.  I was also quite offended to see President Obama mention the story at the UN, or giving the enemies of the US a talking point.  The "video story" always sounded foolish to me.  It's hard to believe that anyone thought that such a story would hold water.

Third, the White House has not delivered the information on time.  What are they hiding?  What's the big deal?

I don't always see eye to eye with Dana Milbank but he got it right:

"If Republicans succeed in turning the Benghazi “scandal” from a nothingburger into a Double Big Mac, the Obama White House can blame its own secrecy and obsessive control over information."

Finally, The Dallas Morning News' editorial is on target too:

"The answers to the lingering questions about Benghazi have value, and if a select committee is the best and only way to get them, everyone should support that.

We lost 4 people, including a US Ambassador that day.  No one has explained why we couldn't get help military assistance to the consulate during an attack that lasted hours.

The men and women in our Foreign Service, and specially those who wear the uniform, deserve an explanation. The families of these 4 men also need to hear the truth.


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