Texas Democrats' trick won't do them any good

We hear rumors that many Democrats "switched" in the runoff and voted GOP, or more specifically Dan Patrick.  In other words, they think that Patrick will be an easy target because of his statements about immigration.

In the interest of full disclosure, I voted for Lt Governor Dewhurst in the runoff.  I just felt that he'd be a stronger candidate.   My concerns with Mr. Patrick had nothing to do with immigration.  I just felt that Mr Dewhurt's experience would be valuable in a future Abbott administration.

Now that the primary fights are over, I will vote for Mr Patrick because he is better than the Democrat alternative.

The Democrats' problem in 2014 is that they can't play the "card" anymore.  I agree with Lynn Woolley:

"We are told that Latinos will not vote for Republicans because of people like Patrick who have opposed illegal immigration. But thinking Latinos understand that the U.S., like other countries, must control its borders and have the will to enforce its laws."

The Democrats are running in a state leading the nation in job creation and relocations, such as Toyota.  The strong Texas economy has been good for everybody, including Hispanics.

The Democrats have another problem and his name is Obama.   The president is very unpopular down here, from Obama Care to an EPA out of control to an image of weakness around the world.

My advice to Mr. Patrick is to keep his cool and don't take the bait over immigration.  Focus on border security, economics and President Obama and don't let the Democrats draw you into emotional debates.

After all, we all remember that Mr. Clayton Williams had a huge lead in 1990 and then stumbled over and over and Ann Richards won a very close election. 

I don't think that will happen in 2014.  At the same time, I hope that Mr. Patrick's advisers keep reminding him of Clayton Williams.

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