Targets of O'Keefe sting, Hollywood big shots ask FBI to investigate

A video created by conservative media guerilla James O'Keefe, that showed Hollywood big shots willing to receive funding from Arabs to make an anti-Fracking movie while hiding the source of the funds, has engendered a "tremendous amount of fallout" according to actor Ed Begley, one of the targets in the film.

Now others who were outed as hypocrites want the FBI to investigate whether O'Keefe broke any laws when making the film.

Hollywood Reporter:

Filmmakers who were targets of an undercover sting operation by James O'Keefe have filed a criminal complaint with police and have asked the FBI to determine whether federal laws were broken when the journalist surreptitiously recorded phone calls and a lunch meeting, a spokesman for movie producers Josh and Rebecca Tickell said Wednesday.

I can confirm that this matter has been reported to federal and local law enforcement for investigation of whether certain state and federal laws were violated," said Jonathan Franks, a managing partner at Lucid Public Relations.

Franks also said that police are looking into a disturbing phone call placed Wednesday to the Tickells, who run Green Planet Prods. and produce award-winning environmental documentaries.

"I can also confirm that a person identifying himself as Mr. O'Keefe telephoned Green Planet and informed the secretary that his next release would ruin the Tickells' lives and careers."

When reached at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday, O'Keefe responded: "I have never attempted to contact the Tickells. This is a complete fabrication on their part and a sad commentary on their willingness to make baseless and unfounded allegations in an attempt to deflect the story away from their own actions."

O’Keefe’s video, first released Tuesday, shows actors Ed Begely Jr. and Mariel Hemingway, both known for their environmental activism, and the Tickells, in the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel. The group seemingly agrees that if a man at the table named Muhammad gives the Tickells as much as $9 million to make their next movie, called Fracked, they’d hide the source of the funding. Muhammad, though, is an actor tricking the four into thinking he represents oil interests in the Middle East that want America to remain dependent on foreign countries for its energy needs.

According to sources, the FBI has been asked to look into whether O’Keefe violated Section 2511 of Title 18, which involves the unauthorized interception and disclosure of electronic communications. Separately, authorities in California have been asked to dig into the possibility that O’Keefe violated Section 631 of the Penal Code, which concerns the recording of telephone calls “without the consent of all parties.”

It’s unclear, though, whether O’Keefe even appears in the video taken at the Polo Lounge, and his voice doesn't seem to be heard in phone calls between the Tickells and a representative of fake Muhammad.

O’Keefe said Wednesday he was unaware of the investigations, and a spokeswoman for the FBI had no comment.

Isn't this sort of like burning down the barn after the horse has escaped? It's too late, guys. Retaliating by trying to get O'Keefe arrested is useless. O'Keefe is smart enough to know the law - he's been doing this for years. As long as he personally didn't record the phone calls, he's pretty much in the clear.

As for the video, how sweet is it to see green Hollywood get their comeuppance? If O'Keefe stays true to form, more on this will be forthcoming in the next few days.