Rep. Thompson doubles down on racist comments

Mississippi Rep. Bennie Thompson, who told a Nation of Islam radio show that Clarence Thomas was an "Uncle Tom," Mitch McConnell was a "racist," and all  opposition to President Obama is based on the fact that he's black, refused to back down from those comments on CNN interview:

But he offered no apologies for his comments to CNN and reaffirmed the views he expressed in the Sunday interview, especially his view that Thomas does not adequately represent black interests.

“Well if you look at his decisions on the court, they have been adverse to the minority community, and the people I represent have a real issue with an African American not being sensible to those issues,” Thompson told CNN’s Dana Bash.

When questioned whether that term was racially-charged, Thompson said it reflected the “truth.”

When Bash further questioned Thompson on what the reaction would’ve been if he had been white, Thompson simply shot back, “But I’m black.”

Note that Thompson expects us to accept his racist worldview simply because he's black - as if that explains everything.

Thompson also did not back down from his comments about the hidden racial animus behind GOP criticism of Obama and the party’s agenda.

“I’ve seen a lot of issues come before Congress. I’ve never seen the venom put forth on another candidate or a president like I’ve seen with this president and that’s my opinion,” he stated. “It’s hard to demonstrate that you care about people when the programs that they hold closest to their survival are being put on the chopping block.”

Mr. Thompson is entitled to his opinion, not his own facts. The idea that President Obama is treated much differently than George Bush or Bill Clinton is absurd on its face. And the idea - for instance - that cutting $4 billion from SNAP over the next 10 years from an $80 billion program will cause people to starve to death is another absurdity.

Thompson is a rancid racist whose cockeyed worldview is as repugnant as any Kluxer's.


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