Ralph Hall defeated in primary

Back in 1998, Congressman Hall was one of 5 Democrats who voted to impeach President Clinton.  A few years later, he switched parties and joined the GOP. 

On Tuesday, Mr Hall was defeated in the GOP primary runoff.   The final result was 52-48% in John Ratcliffe's favor, or about 2,500 votes:

"By phone, Ratcliffe said he’ll spend the next six months making sure he’s educated about the needs of his new constituents.  

“I like Congressman Hall and believe that a majority of people in the district like him as well, but felt like it was time for new leadership,” he said from his home in Heath, where he served 8 years as mayor, his only previous elected office.

“We needed new ideas and new solutions. I tried to present myself as a credible alternative for those that were looking for one.”

Mr Ratcliffe will be the next member of the US Congress.  He will win unless something very unusual happens between now and November.

In the end, this is a case of a better organized Mr Ratcliffe and an aging Mr Hall.  I think that it was time for a change and change happened. We do thank Mr Hall for his service in World War II and his conservative voting record over the years. 

It was time for Mr Hall to retire and that's what's his defeat was all about.

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