Rahm Emanuel shocked, shocked to discover he's been speeding and running red lights

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has his story and he’s sticking to it. Caught on camera with his car and driver running red lights and speeding after piously declaring that red light cameras were all about the safety of children, not the $130 million dollars in revenue he’s budgeted for 2014, the mayor now says (via Fran Spellman of the Sun-Times): “As soon as I saw that or heard about the story, I said, ‘Look. Follow the law. Nobody’s above the law. Slow down. Period. Non-stop,’” the mayor said. Emanuel stayed on message when told the black SUV and tail car that whisk him across the city have $400 in unpaid parking tickets that make the vehicles eligible for the wheel-locking Denver boot. “You have exactly what I said. They’ll look into it and make sure, if there’s a security situation. But, if there isn’t, they have to deal with that, slow down. Nobody’s above the law. Obey the law. Period....(Read Full Post)