Push on for deal with Iran that would allow weapons-making capability

Armageddon is a step closer to reality. USA today has a report that should disturb anyone concerned about the mad mullahs of Tehran getting their hands on nuclear weapons.  Their avowed goal is Armageddon, that could usher in the 12th Mahdi.

The emerging deal with Iran over its nuclear program is unlikely to satisfy members of Congress who seek to end Iran's ability to develop a nuclear weapon.

U.S. diplomats met Wednesday in Vienna with Iran and other world powers to begin writing the text of a final deal. Though the sides remain far apart on several issues, the Obama administration may allow an Iranian nuclear program that retains the capabilities to produce a weapon.

"The Iranians will have some kind of (uranium) enrichment capacity" at the end of negotiations, said Mark Dubowitz, executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who has advised the administration on Iran sanctions.

Jofi Joseph, former director for non-proliferation in Obama's national security council, said any deal would increase inspections and monitoring, along with the number of inspectors in Iran and the number of places they can go. "Those would significantly reduce the chance of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon," Joseph said.

“Significantly reduce” is a weasel word phrase meant to create a favorable impression without committing to anything meaningful.  President Obama clearly wants a deal, something that would allow him to pose as a peace-maker with a significant diplomatic accomplishment under his belt. And the timing, with mid-term elections in November, is suspicious, hence the rush to a deal.

As for the need for congressional approval for any change in sanctions, Lauri Regan comments:

The dynamic may become problematic for the Obama administration, which will likely need congressional legislation to unwind sanctions against the Islamic republic. There have been leaks suggesting that the White House could unilaterally suspend financial restrictions, but even Iranian lobbies have conceded that those scenarios are unlikely to prove diplomatically robust.

Obama has his pen and phone and is going to do this come hell or high water (and has already started it). It's like letting 36,000 illegal criminal immigrants including 400 murderers out of prison. And getting away with it time and time again.

It is hard to say what will be regarded as the most historic disaster of the Obama presidency. The competitors are numerous, from wrecking the health insurance system of the country, to emboldening Russia and China to become aggressive, to keeping the economy from growing in a “recovery” that has no growth, to driving millions out of the labor force.

But in the end, permitting Iran to acquire nuclear weapons could be The Big One, because the mullahs will use them. Mutual Assured Destructiuon will not deter them; it is their goal.