Parking among the Liberals

Washington State employees must be circumspect in their political activities, but they sure compensate by indoctrinating their cars in intolerant political dogma. 

Results Washington is a reform plan that reflects Gov. Inslee’s imperative to make state government more efficient, effective, and transparent. One of its goals, falling under the category of improving customer satisfaction, is to make state agencies places where everybody wants to work.

That’s a lot of people, and you’d think they’d have varying political opinions, especially since Washington State government places a premium on diversity. But agency parking lots are not so inclusive.  Indeed, the cars in state agency facilities are crude-guzzling rude bullies, and I suspect their drivers are surreptitiously enabling them.

State websites tout their diverse workforce as their greatest resource of strength and knowledge. The vast majority of that workforce uses state parking lots; the vast majority of cars inside flaunt decals that are cruder than their oil. Here, diversity has succumbed to a mind-numbing acquiescence to liberal orthodoxy. The cars we drive may reflect our style, or at least our pocketbook; but the stickers that adorn them speak volumes about our temperament. 

While it’s nice that someone would rather be sailing or fishing, why tell us?  My car’s exterior is bare. I know who I voted for and that my potential child will be honor student of the century. I know what my other car is. I also know you don’t care about my stick-figure family members, so my car doesn’t advertise these tidbits. I’d rather you to keep a safe distance; that your eyes are scanning the road ahead, not squinting to discover that “My child is an honor student but my president is an idiot.”

Unfortunately, other state employees are not so restrained, but feel compelled to use their cars to proselytize their congenital faith in big government. In employee parking lots there are throngs of loud, bullying cars honking abuse at open-minded interlopers. There’s no diversity in these metallic cauldrons. Almost all the older jalopies voted for Democrat Christine Gregoire, even though Rossi got a fair number of votes statewide.

The newer models all voted for Inslee in the 2012 governor’s race. I must have seen dozens, maybe hundreds, of cars in state facilities since 2012, and not a one professes support for Republican Rob McKenna, though he got a substantial 49% of the vote for governor.

Many are tree-hugging eco-hipsters; they all adore Obama and still wallow in disdain for Bush -- who should have been impeached. However, not a solitary bumper has anything remotely like “Obama so loved the poor he created millions more”; rather, their pumpers insist that Obama was a savior who brought the “End of an Error.”

I use several state parking facilities, but one aids and comforts a particularly mean-spirited car. I call her “Christine” because her malevolence invokes images of Stephen King’s sinister vehicle. As well as the frayed and trite Democrat Party mantra, this Christine is riddled with pathological gender bias. One of her many decals screeches support for EMILY’s list, while another proclaims allegiance to radical outfit Code Pink. She’s the most vociferous, keen to run down anyone who disagrees, but groupthink, not diversity, prevails amongst these metallic malcontents. They certainly didn’t get the Inslee memo about making this place inclusive to all.

Christine, it occurs to me, has a narcissistic accomplice who devalues much of the population. It’s disconcerting to realize she works in a state office, perhaps even serving Republican-supporting customers, perish the thought. 

A major goal of Governor Inslee’s Results Washington reform plan is to improve customer service, enhance employee engagement, and promote diversity. His minions are running around with questionnaires that supposedly measure workplace respect, recognition, and tolerance for feedback. Ironically, I recently saw one of them get out of a car that called for boycotting Fox News; another compares Obama favorably with Jesus.  I’ve seen who gets out of these vehicles, and I must muster all my forbearance when interacting with them inside the liberal, big-government fortress. 

If we are to achieve Inslee’s vision of workplace nirvana; if our offices are to be places where everybody wants to work; how are we supposed to drive there?  The parking lot is unwelcoming, the stench of liberal bias is menacing; it’s a dark, dank and decrepit refuge that reeks of the insidious funk of deceitful leftist propaganda.

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