Michelle Malkin Wants to Debate Michelle Rhee on Common Core

Finally, a well-known personality on the right has challenged the untouchable education change agent and Common Core supporter Michelle Rhee. In response to Rhee’s praise of the Common Core Standards on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier, conservative political commentator Michelle Malkin wrote that she would be willing to go on the air to debate the school reformer. During the Baier interview, Rhee repeated the talking points that the CCS are internationally benchmarked and that every school district has the ability to choose its own curriculum to fit the standards.  Neither of these assertions is true. There is no proof that Common Core has met international benchmarks, and most available curricula and assessments have been created for the standards.  Where’s the choice in curricula? Rhee revealed her bias toward the substandard Common Core a year ago, but only after she had completed the directive of getting Republican governors across...(Read Full Post)