Julian Castro would add little to a Hillary Clinton ticket

The "inevitable President Hillary story" has a new twist.  

It will be a Clinton-Castro in 2016 thus making Texas a battleground state. Of course, this will be made possible by selecting Julian Castro as VP now that he has joined the Obama Cabinet.

Let me make 4 points before you book your tickets or room to the Clinton-Castro inauguration parties:

1) Hillary Clinton is nowhere as strong as some people think. Her tenure as Secretary of State, from the now infamous "reset" to Benghazi, is not something that she wants to be talking about in 2016.  That "3am" phone call won't work so well this time around!

2) We will likely be entering a recession by 2016. Our current tepid recovery is a recovery but it won't be by the summer of 2016.

3) Hillary Clinton does not need Hispanic or black votes. She needs "white men," as we read recently in The New York Times.

In other words, Senator Manchin of West Virginia or Senator Mark Warner of Virginia make more sense on the ticket.

4) Julian Castro could not win a statewide election in Texas, as Ruben Navarrette pointed out. He is the mayor of San Antonio but little known outside of that city.  In other words, adding Julian Castro will not put Texas in play for a Clinton ticket.

We wish Julian Castro a lot of success in Washington DC. I will concede that he has a future in national politics.

Maybe he can explain to President Obama, and the left, that he attracted businesses to San Antonio by selling to executives that Texas is a right to work state.   

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