Janice Hahn, Abortion Congresswoman

According to Janice Hahn’s own words, she got up and stalked out of the National Prayer Day ceremonies (after creating an uproar) for one reason: because James Dobson called Obama “the abortion president”. By leaving in a huff, Hahn implied that the statement was either a lie (ludicrous on the face of it), or else some kind of putdown or insult, a personal attack on Obama that was not to be borne by his supporters.

That being the case, it would follow that Hahn must be an opponent of abortion. Any average person or normal intelligence would certainly assume as much. But any average person would be wrong.

Because, according to On the Issues, Janice Hahn is not only an abortion supporter, but a fanatical abortion supporter, fully a match for the leader of her party. Hahn supported the Military Access to Reproductive Care and Health for Military Women Act (or MARCH act), intended to provide government funding of abortions for military women. She also supported the Access to Birth Control Act, which would have required pharmacies to provide contraceptives to all customers and set penalties if they did not. Needless to say, there was to be no exemption for religious beliefs or practice. (It’s interesting to note that Hahn is the co-chair of the Congressional Weekly Prayer Breakfast.)

Taking this into consideration, it’s hard to see what got Janice so upset. Calling Obama “the abortion president” is simply stating a widely-known fact, one that can’t honestly be denied by any Democrat. In truth, considering the party’s platform and ideology, it should be taken as nothing less than a compliment, something that Democrats can point to with pride: one the few promises made by Obama that he’s actually carried out.

So why the uproar? Why the indignation, why the public tantrum? I think we all know the answer to that. By stomping out of the ceremony under these circumstances, Hahn has told us something about Obama – and her party, and herself – that she didn’t want us to know.