Illegal Immigrant Criminals are 'Good to Go

It looks like Barack Obama’s idea of moving the nation FORWARD now includes relocating homicidal immigrants  to America’s streets.

According to a report issued by the Center of Immigration Studies, in 2013 while 2.4 million lawbreakers sat in prison, many for offenses far less serious than homicide and aggravated assault, the Obama administration decided to release 36,000 alien convicts into the midst of the American citizenry.    

From the looks of things, if undocumented immigrants turn out to also be hardcore criminals, apparently their illegality exempts them from punishment and earns them the freedoms and rights the president is actively denying Americans who are supposed to be constitutionally protected.

That’s right – thanks to Barack Obama’s administration, some of those convicts in this country ‘illegally’ who, while here, compounded their law-breaking by committing crimes against innocent Americans, are now getting picked up at Home Depots everywhere as day laborers and mingling with the landscapers edging the lawns in many of our nation’s neighborhoods.

Armed with that information, it’s a little unnerving to think that the guy lining up those peaches in the produce aisle or bussing tables at your favorite bistro could possibly be one of the 36,000.

In fact, now might be the perfect time to lock up your daughters, because in addition to killers, Mr. Hope-and-Change sanctioned the release of sex offenders, aggravated assaulters, kidnappers, car thieves, and drug traffickers, not to mention the 16,000 or so illegal aliens responsible for the “intoxicated manslaughter” that kills and maims innocent Americans every day on our nation’s roads.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) claims that the decision to release illegal prison inmates awaiting the outcome of deportation proceedings was not required by law and was for the most due to Obama administration directed “prosecutorial discretion.”

That sounds about right, because America’s discretionary president has already demonstrated in more ways than one that he doesn’t give a damn who suffers and possibly dies as a result of his progressive policy decisions.

Obama’s indifference is why it makes perfect sense that he would instruct ICE to emancipate convicted criminals and make “illegal aliens off-limits for enforcement” instead of promptly shuttling them back across the border from whence they came.

Jessica Vaughan, director of policy studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, said that the high number of criminal aliens released onto America’s streets is “shocking.”

Indeed!  It’s both shocking and disturbing, and to the rational mind insane.  But we’re not talking reason here; we’re talking about a man who oppresses Americans while habitually bestowing special privileges upon illegals, some of whom he’s well aware could be dangerous terrorists.

A perplexed Jessica Vaughan of the Center for Immigration Studies asked:  “What possible justification could there be for freeing a murderer who is being deported?”

Well Jessica, we have a president that justifies allowing our country to be invaded by those who do not respect our laws or our nation’s sovereignty by arguing that granting amnesty is “necessary for our safety and security.” 

That’s why, as an added bonus, come summer, the president and his Democrat and RINO colleagues plan to grant amnesty to 11- to 30 million individuals, none of whom (except for the 36,007 ex-cons already roaming America’s streets) we know anything about. 

Amnesty will be the ultimate prize for flouting America’s immigration laws.  When it’s finally granted the criminals currently out of the shadows and recently out of jail will not only be unrestricted, they’ll also be free of deportation concerns.

In other words, if you’re a murderer, kidnapper, drug dealer, or sexual predator – and also happen to be in this country illegally – Barack Obama thinks you’re ‘good to go!’ Because if achieving fundamental transformation requires subjecting Americans to yet another “clear and present danger,” then so be it.

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