Eleanor Clift: Amb. Stevens wasn't murdered in a terrorist attack

On this week's McLaughlin Group, the Daily Beast's Eleanor Clift showed an ignorance of the facts about the Benghazi terrorist attack that should disqualify her from commenting on it.

Get a load of this:

ELEANOR CLIFT: I would like to point out Ambassador Stevens was not murdered. He died of smoke inhalation in the safe room in that CIA installation.

SUSAN FERRECHIO: I don't think that's a fact, Eleanor.

CLIFT: I think that is a fact.

FERRECHIO: I've heard a drastically different story from people who are also in the know about that. So, I don't think it is --

PAT BUCHANAN: It was a terrorist attack, Eleanor. He was murdered in a terrorist attack.

CLIFT: It was an opportunistic terrorist attack that grew out of that video.

BUCHANAN: The video had nothing to do with it.

CLIFT: There were demonstrations across the world.

And the victims of 9/11 didn't die in a terrorist attack. They burned to death. Or were crushed. Or they also died of smoke inhalation. Someone that obtuse should join the defense teams of KSM and the 9/11 conspirators.

Buchanan's astonishment mirrors our own. Clift is so besotted with partisanship - so eager to exonerate Hillary and the Democrats - that she ignores the spate of email evidence showing that there was no demonstration, there was no outrage about the video in Benghazi. The CIA confirmed this. People on the ground confirmed this.

Even the White House has given up in trying to convince us that a YouTube video spurred the attack on our diplomatic compound. What's Clift's problem?

She obviously doesn't care about the truth enough to familiarize herself with what both Democrats and Republicans know and agree about the Benghzai attack; it was a planned operation carried out by an AQ affiliate and the people that died in that attack died because terrorists were trying to kill them. It doesn't matter if they died by a bullet or smoke inhalation. They would still be alive today if the terrorists hadn't attacked.

Clift made a total fool out of herself.


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