Ed Schultz's radio show canceled

Ed Schultz, who once referred to conservative talker Laura Ingraham as a "right wing slut," lost his terrestial radio show and will only be broadcasting via the internet from here on out.

So what do you say after you've been fired?

MSNBC host Ed Schultz announced Wednesday that he will no longer be hosting his long-running syndicated radio show and will instead host an online-only broadcast hosted on his website, wegoted.com.

The move from radio to online means that instead of hosting a three-hour radio show each day, in addition to his daily TV show on MSNBC, Schultz will only produce one additional audio hour on a daily basis. The host said the change would go into effect next Tuesday after Memorial Day and that the new one-hour show will stream for free on his website, Monday through Friday from noon – 1 p.m. ET.

“Really this change will give me more flexibility to be on the road to do the kind of shows I want to do here for The Ed Show on MSNBC,” Schultz told his audience, putting a positive spin on the change. “This is on me, you know. I just don’t want to do a three-hour talk show anymore.”

Noting that his radio career began all the way back in 1978, Schultz said, “I guess I never thought this day would come, where I would make a change like this.”

So this is really for the best and it was his idea anyway. Does anything ever come out of this guy's mouth that isn't a lie?

Schultz's MSNBC show is hanging by a thread considering how often they've moved it around the last few years. Since no one watches anything on MSNBC anyway, you can't really tell if his anemic numbers are due to viewer disinterest in him or the network.

Schultz's most recent idiocy involved a comment where he suggested that Jews were not the real target of the Holocaust. It was gays that Hitler wanted to get rid of. A few more remarks like that and Schultz will be broadcasting his show from his basement.

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