Doesn't the President of the US always call the 249th pick in the NFL draft?

By now, you may know that Michael Sam was picked 249th in the NFL draft and kissed his partner.
Michael also got a phone call from President Obama!
Frankly, I don't care about Michael's sexual orientation. He is unlikely to play in the NFL team but let's not jump to conclusions. I remember reading that Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas were late draft picks and they turned out OK. So let me wish Michael success with the Rams!
My concern is that President Obama has chosen to politicize a player selection in the NFL draft.
It's one thing for the President of the US to call the #1 pick and wish him well. That's OK with me!
It's like that phone call that presidents used to make to the dressing room of the winning team after the World Series or Super Bowl.
Who remembers Rick Dempsey of the Orioles talking to President Reagan about the Russians after being named MVP of the 1983 World Series? That was one funny phone call!
President Obama calling Michael Sam is not tradition or respect for anything. It is President Obama playing politics and using the NFL draft to change the conversation.
Sorry but I don't like it!  We need presidential leadership not more pandering!
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