Common Core opponents labeled 'far right extremists' by far left SPLC

The Southern Poverty Law Center must be in dire need of funds. Their latest fundraising ploy is to brand opponents of Common Core as "far right extremists."

In other words, Common Core foes have now been lumped in with neo nazis, skinheads and militias in the eyes of the SPLC. No doubt designating them a "hate group" can't be far behind.

Daily Caller:

“Across the United States, a fierce wave of resistance is engulfing the Common Core State Standards, threatening to derail this ambitious effort to lift student achievement and, more fundamentally, to undermine the very idea of public education,” the May 2014 report proclaims.

The report largely ignores the large number of critics on the American political left, including the Chicago Teachers Union, who deplore Common Core because it mandates evermore standardized testing. It also largely ignores the complaints of a multitude of critics on the right, who oppose a technocratic takeover of public education that wrests education decisions out of the hands of local school boards and parents.

Instead, the SPLC report insists, opposition to Common Core comes from “far-right extremists” who oppose Common Core out of fears it will “indoctrinate young children into ‘the homosexual lifestyle’” and “turn children into ‘green serfs’ who will serve a totalitarian ‘New World Order.’”

“The disinformation campaign is being driven by the likes of Fox News, the John Birch Society, Tea Party factions, and the Christian Right,” the report declares. The SPLC also mentions “the Koch brothers,” of course.

The SPLC evidently left out that bastion of right wing nuttery - the Catholic church, who opposes many aspects of Common Core.

The conspiracy theorists behind the SPLC report theorize that “the radical right” hopes to use opposition to Common Core as a proxy in a broader fight to terminate all public education for some 50 million schoolchildren in the United States.

“The Christian Right is reprising themes from earlier battles over the teaching of evolution, school prayer, sex education and more recent efforts to stop the bullying of LGBT students,” the SPLC claims. “Their moneyed allies seek to privatize the education landscape.”

The SPLC calls public education – in one-size-fits-all public schools – a “linchpin not only of our prosperity but of the American ideal of equality for all.”

What an incredible lie - that Common Core opponents want to destroy public schools. It's this kind of hysterical exaggeration that the SPLC has become famous for - and for which they raise millions of dollars off of.

I find it ironic that they would accuse ordinary American of extremism when they themselves are among the biggest leftist bomb throwers in the country.