Biggest lobbying firm in DC caught in Ecuador mess, pays $15 million settlement to Chevron

It must have sounded like a great idea at the time for Patton Boggs, the DC law firm/lobbying powerhouse (annual lobbying revenues: $40 million) to enter into a deal to help Ecuadorian plaintiffs and their American lawyer Steven Donziger to collect billions of dollars in judgments handed down by an Ecuadorian court against Chevron, with the firm’s own share running into hundreds of millions of dollars, if successful. The case had attracted the attention of the jet set left and stars like Sharon Stone, after all. The only problem was that Chevron, which acquired Texaco, the company that purportedly  had left a toxic mess behind working with the Ecuadorian National Oil Company, believed that fraud had been committed against it, and was willing to put up a fight in American courts to prove its case. AT has been covering the case for years, but Fausta Wirtz has provided a time line to help understand the very complicated case: 1964: Texaco Petroleum Co....(Read Full Post)