A bad economy for the groups that Democrats need to turn out

Over the last two days, I've read a couple of stories about the US economy and minorities.

The first one is Dedroy Murdock of National Review:

"Obama’s election, no doubt, generated considerable ethnic pride.

Seeing a black man (or, precisely, a half-black man) inaugurated was a truly exceptional milestone for all Americans — black and otherwise.   

But Obama reached the Oval Office nearly five years and four months ago.

Since then, his performance should have dimmed his halo among blacks, especially considering how much they have suffered on his watch."

The second is from The NY Times:

"Though broad measures of the economy are showing signs of improvement, a closer look at important indicators among individual groups reveals that voting blocs critical to Democrats in recent elections are not yet feeling the benefits.

Consider women, whose unemployment rate stood at 8.1 percent, up almost two percentage points from when Mr. Obama took office, as they weighed whether to vote in the midterms of 2010. Today, it is 5.7 percent, a seemingly shining number for Democrats desperate to widen the gender gap.

But while the number of women out of work appears to be much improved, the number of women employed compared with the total female population is 55.2 percent, actually worse than it was in October 2010.

Progress, in fact, is a mirage, the product of what economists call the disappearing work force: people giving up and dropping out."

Sadly, the Obama years have been good for the rich but not so good for the rest of the population.   To be fair, it's not all Obama's fault, but he has not contributed to the kind of economy that encourages people to invest and hire.

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