A lot of Hispanics not signing up for ObamaCare

Something happened on the way to the Obama Care enrollment office.  A lot of Hispanics did not sign up, as reported in The Washington Post:

"Hispanics, a key demographic for the Affordable Care Act, did not appear to sign up for health insurance through the law's marketplaces at the rate the Obama administration had hoped, according to new government data. 

The enrollment report from the Department of Health and Human Services, the first national data on the ethnicity of Obamacare enrollees, and sheds new light on the health-care law's efforts to reduce uninsured rates among minority populations who disproportionately lack health coverage.  

Hispanics historically have had the nation's highest rate of uninsured, with 29 percent without coverage in 2012, according to Census Bureau figures.

About 17 percent of African Americans,15 percent of Asian Americans and 10 percent of whites did not have health insurance that year. 

Over the past seven months of enrollment, attention has focused on Hispanics because they represent a huge proportion of the nation's uninsured.

Moreover, the population skews younger than the American public at large, making them key to the White House's goal of ensuring robust enrollment by healthy young people. 

According to the report, people who identified themselves as Latino accounted for 7.4 percent of total sign-ups in the 36 states with federal-run exchanges.

The administration cautioned, however, that it did not have ethnicity data for about 31 percent of people selecting coverage on the federal marketplaces.

The report also didn't include data from the 15 state-run exchanges, and it doesn't account for people who may have obtained coverage through Medicaid.  

More than 8 million people in total selected health plans on the Affordable Care Act exchanges, the White House has said.

According to the enrollment report, young adults between 18 and 34 years old accounted for 28 percent of sign-ups nationwide."

The failure to sign up Hispanics is problematic in many ways:

1) The Obama administration worked very hard but ran into a lot of apathy in Hispanic communities.  Wonder what that means about turnout in November?  

We repeat that Hispanics were one of the "younger" groups that was supposed to make Obama Care work! 

2) The uninsured will continue uninsured, a huge problem for a program that was designed to eliminate the uninsured.   As someone smarter than me said, did we go through all of this to have millions still uninsured?  

It would have been a lot easier, and probably cheaper, to give the uninsured large tax credits to buy their own private plans.   My guess is that a lot of young Hispanics agree with me about that!

"Que paso"?   Yes, what happened to the Hispanics?  We don't know for sure but they decided to do something else than enrolling for Obama Care!


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