Will President Obama give himself credit for Syria?

Around the time Jen Psaki, the State Department's official spokeswoman proudly claimed at a news conference yesterday, “I would argue the president doesn’t give himself enough credit for what he’s done around the world, and that’s how the secretary (Kerry, ecf) feels too.”

The response from the reporters gathered there was laughter.

 Rick Gladstone of the New York Times noted "Syria to Miss Deadline On Weapons, Official Says":

The United Nations secretary general has for the first time acknowledged that the eradication of Syria’s chemical arms stockpile will not be completed by June 30, the deadline imposed by a diplomatic agreement last September in which President Bashar al-Assad renounced the weapons and avoided a threatened American military strike.

In a May 23 letter to the Security Council obtained by The New York Times on Wednesday, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that roughly 8 percent of the stockpile remained in Syria, awaiting shipment for destruction abroad. Mr. Ban also said that one of Syria’s 12 storage facilities had yet to be closed, and that only five of 18 production facilities had been closed.  


President Obama, who repeatedly warned he would not abide the use of chemical arms in Syria, had threatened airstrikes after an Aug. 21 chemical weapons attack in the Damascus suburbs. But he withdrew the threat after an agreement was negotiated by the United States and Russia, and later unanimously adopted by the Security Council, obliging Syria to join the international treaty that bans chemical weapons and destroy the arsenal by June 30.

With credit like this, who needs failure?  And once again, reporters laughed.  And the slaughter in Syria continues.