What Israel could learn from Egypt's General Sisi

Israel could learn a thing or two from General al Sisi of Egypt. He recognizes that the Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are a threat to his regime because they resort to violent protests and terror. Accordingly he banned the Muslim brotherhood and arrested many of its leadership.  He recognizes that they are at war with him and responds accordingly by taking the fight to them.

It is high time the Israel recognized that the PLO, Fatah and Hamas are also a threat to Israel because they likewise resort to violence and terror. Naftali Bennett declared that Israel is preparing to charge Abbas with war crimes which include honoring and praising terrorists and inciting to violence.

Israel should waste no time in banning the PLO, Fatah and Hamas and deport anyone who is a member of such organizations. The best place to deport them to is Gaza -- by helicopter in the dead of the night. Considering their Charters and their incitement and their embrace of "resistance," banning them is entirely appropriate. We don't have to assassinate them, just deport them.

Israel should change its policy to one of zero tolerance for Arab "resistance."  It is suicidal to accept the "resistance" and the "incitement" as normal or acceptable.  Israel should revoke licensing for Arab radio and television should they persists in inciting their masses.

Similarly Israel should show zero tolerance for its own traitors. Steven Plaut, in Israel Left Pursues the Treason Vote, points out:

“For years, the Israeli government has made social security and other social welfare payments to convicted Arab terrorists and murderers. If an Arab entitled to unemployment insurance, welfare payments, pensions, or other “social” compensation happens to engage in terrorism and happens to be imprisoned, he and his family continue to receive the welfare payments. If the terrorist dies, his dependents collect survivor benefits. Terrorists disabled while planting bombs or attacking Jews can collect disability insurance stipends.”

MK David Rotem made an attempt to cut these payments in half not because he didn't want them to be cut entirely but because the Knesset would never go for it. This mentality needs to change.

In a subsequent article, Steven Plaut urged that Israel treat its radical left, who support the delegitimization of Israel, as traitors just as America did to its traitors in the Civil War.

Israel is far too tolerant to subversive NGO's and Arab MK’s in the name of free speech and democracy.  But Democracy is not a suicide pact. Limits must be placed on what is acceptable and what is beyond the pale in the interests of self-preservation.

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