Vice President Clinton?

Here’s a prediction, albeit a longshot.

After the midterms, Joe Biden resigns citing vague, undefined health reasons. Biden will devote his time to assembling documents from his many years in the Senate and as VP for inclusion in the planned Biden Library (at, say, the University of Delaware),  mostly already funded by a large pool of donations from wealthy contributors.   (In other words, Joe gets bought out.  No chance of him being elected POTUS. So he bargains while he’s got something to bargain with. If he sticks out to ‘16, you could put his library in a Bookmobile.

Hillary Clinton fulfills his remaining term of 14-16, enabling her to be the first female VP (‘cause, as you know, the GOP has a war on women and that’ll be a key theme in ‘16), plus, travel the country using Air Force 2 to campaign for POTUS.  Consequently, assuming her health enables her to run, it will be as an incumbent, of sorts.  In the debates she’ll be addressed by the liberal media hacks (that the compliant GOP will yet again approve as unbiased moderators) as “Mrs. Vice President.”  No need to use the feminist form of address “Ms.” when there are extra points to be gained by reminding people she is married to Bill Clinton, the Democrats’ senior statesman.

So, the Democrat Candidate in ‘16 is a former First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, and Vice President – all in one lovable package.  Bada-boom, bada-bing.

Crazy, you say?  It’s exactly what I’d do if I were they. The liberal media would go organismic over the move.