Toyota's not leaving California because they want to spend their summers in Texas

The top story in North Texas is that Toyota is leaving California and moving to Plano.  It is a huge relocation, as reported by The Dallas Morning News:

Toyota delivered a surprise pink slip to California on Monday, announcing the company would move its U.S. headquarters and about 3,000 jobs from the Los Angeles suburbs to the outskirts of Dallas.   

The world’s largest automaker will keep a foothold in the Golden State - about 2,300 jobs will remain in California after the company settles into its new corporate campus in Plano.  

But the announcement is an economic and symbolic slap for California, a historic center of American car culture that has been trying to shake its reputation as a frustrating place to run a business, whether that involves shooting a film or selling a Prius.  

“When you look at the whole package, it’s difficult to be a business here,” lamented Torrance Mayor Frank Scotto, whose community on the edge of the Pacific will suffer as the jobs migrate to Texas.  

“If all these great, high-end jobs are leaving California, then we are going to turn into a place that’s a retirement community” with low-paying service-sector jobs, Scotto said.

“We can’t have that,” he added, warning that unless the state has a change of attitude, “it’s going to be way too late.”  

Toyota’s announcement comes about two months after Occidental Petroleum Corp. disclosed it was moving its headquarters to Houston from Los Angeles.

Another report is that the Toyota employees could save big on taxes.   My guess is that they will also be very happy when they go shopping for a home.

Overall, a big one for Texas.  I'm sure that you will hear Governor Perry talk about this over the next few months.   He is been talking about Texas and jobs and this story makes his case, whether you like Gov Perry or not!

We are obviously very happy that 3,000 good paying jobs will come here. 

By the way, we hear from Mayor Mike Rawlings that Plano was chosen over Dallas because of DISD, or our incoherent school system.    That's the best argument for school choice ever!

Last, but not least, is anybody in California getting the message?  When will the Democrats running California figure out that wealth has to be created before it is distributed? 

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