The Children's Crusade against Michelle O's school lunches

America's school children have had enough and they're not going to take it anymore.

Faced with the meager, unappetizing school lunches required under First Lady Michelle Obama's nutritional program, students have taken to social media to express their outrage and disgust at what they're forced to eat for lunch.

Washington Times:

Students from around the nation have been taking to Twitter and other social media sites to post snapshot photos of their meager lunches — in some cases, a sad-looking sandwich with a carton of milk — and say to the first lady: Thanks a lot, Michelle Obama, for the rations.

One wrote, next to a picture of a hot dog roll that seemed spread with tomato sauce and cheese, on a tray with three small cherry tomatoes and a carton of lower-fat milk: “You call this a [expletive] lunch? @BarackObama @MichelleObama,” The Blaze reported.

And others were just as blunt in expressing disapproval.

Next to a picture of a plastic white tray containing a small roll and a messy-looking concoction of what appeared to be mashed potatoes, scrambled hamburger and corn, another wrote: “@MichelleObama so this is the ‘healthy school lunch’ …”

Another picture of a flat sandwich that seemed to be a hamburger on a tray with a cut kiwi half and a packet of ketchup was posted by a parent who attended school lunch with her child and then tweeted: “@MichelleObama my school lunch while eating with my daughter. Only other choice was a scoop of salad. This is sad!”

Other postings: “I’ll never forgive Michelle Obama for this school lunch,” one wrote, The Blaze reported. And another: “Not gonna miss these Michelle Obama lunch rations everyday next year.” And yet one more: “Lunch use[d] to be my favorite subject in school. Thanks Michelle Obama for ruining my life.”

More than a million kids nationwide have opted out of the new program - a testament to how truly awful the food being served at our schools has become.

Not only that, in the Los Angles school district. it's been reported that $100,000 worth of food is thrown away every day:

Government waste has taken on a whole new meaning in Los Angeles schools. Federal regulations that force specific diet requirements on school districts have resulted in at least $100,000 dollars worth of food landing in school dumpsters daily in the LA Unified School District alone. That’s an astounding $18 million dollars of food thrown away each year – Money that would be better spent in the classroom or returned to the taxpayer rather than ending up in a trash can.

Kids and food. Every parent struggles with balancing what a kid wants to eat with what they need to eat. Apparently, there's no such balance sought by this federal nutritional program. The drive to banish foods that, if taken in moderation, are acceptable additions to healthy eating has become something cultish - almost fanatical. It's no wonder children are revolting.

Part of the problem is school districts not preparing the food correctly. This seems pretty obvious from some of the pictures. And kids should learn from home how important good nutrition is. If left to their own devices, kids would probably not eat the way they should.

But eating is one of those simple human pleasures and the occassional sweet or even fatty repast is not going to kill them. As long as kids are getting exercise - admittedly a problem in the gaming age - giving children food they like doesn't have to mean they gain exesssive weight.

Smaller portions and moderation along with healthy, tasty alternatives to junk food is the answer, not top-down, bureaucratic diktats that bypass parents and force kids to turn up their nose at what's put in front of them.


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