Swan Lake or Lake Michigan?

Here is what the world needs: another “staged” reality show.  Also, another item we are in dire need of: a mainstream media outlet slobbering over a Democrat operative.  Our prayers and wishes have been answered yet again.

Chicago.  Flower pots and gunshots.  The pots are on the boulevards, and the shots are on the South Side, a little south of “Cominskey” park, the president’s favorite ballpark.

So now CNN puts some lipstick on the “tiny dancer” who is the mayor of Chicago.  Per a John Kass article in the Chicago Tribune:

But make no mistake: This is Rahm Emanuel's story, his re-election campaign vehicle. This is the boss of Chicago selling his heroic narrative to American voters. ...

"Chicagoland" might look like reality TV, but it is in reality a political statement.

He is portrayed as tough.  A "never back down" kind of guy.  A finger-pointing nude chief of staff in the congressional gym shower room, the former ballet dancer from the tawny north shore suburbs.  Now that’s tough.

This is all fair.  But to portray something as reality when indeed it was less so, to elevate a Democrat politician on a “pile” of problems created by other Democrat politicians and lament the “pile,” is something only a “slobbering media” would provide, as Bernie Goldberg would say.  Could they not find the former mayor of Detroit?

The Chicago newspaper discovered that:

... [m]ore than 700 emails reviewed by the Tribune reveal that the production team worked hand in hand with the mayor's advisers to develop storylines, arrange specific camera shots and review news releases officially announcing the show.

Rather than Chicagoland, why not Dairyland?  How refreshing would it be to have a real success story about Wisconsin and how a much-maligned Scott Walker fought the union machine, saved the state, and created a budget surplus?  What is missing, of course, is the complicit media backing that message.

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