Samantha Power neglects opportunity to stop Iran from gaining seat UN women's rights body, then tweets her outrage

Has there ever been a more transparent human rights poseur than UN Ambassador Samantha Power? The self-styled “genocide chick” rose to academic prominence riding the topic of genocide (she’s against it, doncha know), formulating a doctrine she called “responsibility to protect.” Like any good marketer, she turned that into a catch-word “R2p” and played footsie with the prospect of using her slogan to justify intervening in Israel to protect the poor Palestinians who just want to be left alone so they can slaughter Jews with no counter-punching from Israel. Cultivating a glamorous persona based on her fashionable ectomorph body type and flowing long red hair, she has risen to the stratosphere of political academics. Power definitely knows PR, but actual diplomacy and even basics of showing up are another thing. Patrick Goodenough of CNS News reports: The Obama administration on Wednesday criticized Iran’s election to the...(Read Full Post)