Ray Hutchinson of Texas had quite a life

Ray Hutchinson was very well known in Texas for two reasons:

1) His wife is former Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson; and,

2) He had quite a career, in the public and private sectors.

We're sorry to report that Mr Hutchinson died of heart complications.  He was 81.

Mr Hutchinson was one of those public figures who was in the middle of everything, from moving the Washington Senators to Dallas Ft Worth, to local land deals, and giving advice to US Presidents. 

His life was indeed incredible, as we saw in a local obituary:

"For more than 50 years Hutchison served as counsel to state and local governments and was regarded as a leading bond lawyer in the state of Texas, who worked on many of the most significant development projects in North Texas during this period.  

“Ray was involved in virtually every major government development project in North Texas over the past five decades,” said Ben Brooks, head of Bracewell’s public finance practice and longtime friend of Hutchison.  

Hutchison was key to the development of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, the Upper Trinity Regional Water District, the AT&T Performing Arts Center, as well as numerous professional sports facilities built in North Texas during his career.

He also led the negotiations to move the Washington Senators to Arlington to become the Texas Rangers and worked on the complex issues faced with building their stadium."

Mr Hutchinson was the kind of man who got things done.  He was not an ideologue or partisan kind of man.  He was obviously a conservative but understood that you had to compromise to get things done. By the way, Mr Hutchinson never compromised his ethics and that's another reason that he is remembered so well today.

RIP Mr Hutchinson.  We will miss your level headed approach to politics.


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