Putting a small group of environmentalists over pipeline jobs?

Another Friday night announcement - the administration has decided to make everybody unhappy and delay the Keystone pipeline again. Fox News reports:

"The administration has faced pressure from both sides of the debate on the pipeline. Republicans largely are united in support of the project, but Democrats are sharply divided.

Moderate Democrats, as well as labor unions, are pressing the State Department to give the thumbs-up, calling the project a jobs engine and a way to boost energy security.

But environmental interests, and lawmakers allied with them, are strongly opposed -- citing its alleged impact on climate change and possible health risks.   

One such environmentalist, California billionaire Tom Steyer, has been vowing to back vulnerable Democrats with big money if they oppose the pipeline.

He called the latest announcement "good news on Good Friday for those who oppose Keystone as not being in our nation's best interest.""  

This is another awful decision by a rather incompetent administration.

First, we are insulting Canada, a country that fought with us in Afghanistan. Unlike other NATO allies, the Canadian fought and took casualties.

Second, we are delaying economic activity and job creation at a time when a lot of Americans cannot find work.

Third, the Obama administration has shown us once again that it's all about his contributors, whether we are talking "the evolution" on same sex marriage during the 2012 campaign or building the Keystone pipeline in 2014.

P. S. You can hear my chat with Dr Ileana Johnson, economist & author, about the Keystone Pipeline & follow me on Twitter @ scantojr.

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