Paying more than your fair share of income taxes

If you are a member of the 53% of the US population who actually pays income taxes, due today without a penalty, perhaps this chart from the Internal Revenue Service and analyzed by Mark J. Perry of AEIdeas will make you feel better.  Or not.

IRS data: The top 1% pay 37% of all taxes, the bottom half pay 2%, a blubbering David Letterman can’t believe the facts

IRS data for 2009 (most recent year available) are displayed above and show that the top 1% of US taxpayers (about 819,000 filers) paid 37% of all federal income taxes collected, the top 50% paid almost all taxes collected (98%) and the bottom half (about 41 million filers) paid only 2%.

And these are the stats on people who at least pay income taxes; in 2012 Republican presidential candidate's Mitt Romney was actually criticized for even mentioning  that 47% don't pay income taxes.

But, as you mail your taxes and pay your "fair share" but certainly use government services than your "fair share" be comforted by Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes' observation

"Taxes are what we pay for civilized society …"

(OK, OK, add your joke/insight here if you must.)