Mary Landrieu's video fakery reveals desperation

When Democrats get desperate they resort to fakery. And Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu sees her re-election chances evaporating, so it’s time to pretend. Byron York in The Examiner reports on a video ad she is running that contains fake footage of a Senate hearing, where she poses as something she is not, a fighter against the Obama administration, which she actually supports 95% of the time when she votes on official actions. York explains:

What Landrieu did to invite the ridicule was to re-create for her ad producers her own performance in a Senate hearing -- complete with set, supporting cast, fake nameplate, and even phony news chyrons -- to show her standing up for her state.

The unspoken message of the ad -- something Landrieu could never say directly -- is that by fighting "Washington," Landrieu means fighting Democrats, and particularly President Obama, whose job approval rating is in the 30s in Louisiana. "For years, she's forced Washington to respect Louisiana," an announcer says at the beginning of the ad, leading up to a soundbite in which Landrieu says, "The administration's policies are simply wrong when it comes to oil and gas production in this nation." (snip)

For Republicans in Louisiana, the fakery of Landrieu's ad represents a deeper disingenuousness in her campaign: she's trying to distance herself from a president and an administration of her own party whom she has supported up and down the line. "It's fitting that Landrieu's latest commercial tries to pass off video footage of a fake committee hearing as the real thing,” Louisiana Republican Party Chairman Roger Villere said in a statement Tuesday evening. "This is another example of Mary Landrieu trying to create an alternate reality to fool Louisianans." Landrieu can "recreate a committee hearing," Villere added, "but she can't rewrite her track record."

Watch the ad itself, below. The fakery is very convincing, showing Louisianians watching televisions screens with the fake hearing playing, with fake Chiron titles telling them what's happening. Fake, fake, fake:

But then, the Democrats have Hollywood on their side, so who knows what lies ahead?  Perhaps Landrieu as CGI-enhanced superhero battling space aliens?

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