Lewinsky still too hot to handle for Clintons

The latest release of Clinton presidential documents is redacting an e-mail from Monica Lewinsky on the basis of “personal privacy.”  The old leftist slogan, “The personal is political,” is not operative when it might inconvenience or shame a president who was impeached over matters related to Monica Lewinsky.  Not to mention illuminating the role of his wife in the handling the affair.

Chris Good of ABC News reports:

An email from Monica Lewinsky was omitted from the Clinton library’s latest document dump for privacy reasons.

Every two weeks this spring, the National Archives has been releasing documents from Clinton’s presidency through The William J Clinton Presidential Library & Museum in Little Rock, Ark. The documents were previously withheld under the Presidential Records Act. The library posted the latest batch online today, linking to thousands of pages of official memos and communications between aides.

Included in a list of withdrawn/redacted documents (commonly interspersed in the large .pdfs), midway through a batch of documents concerning Gen. Wesley Clark, is an email from Monica Lewinsky’s Pentagon email address.

Vaguely referenced as concerning a “medical record,” the omitted email is listed as four pages long. See the last item on this list:

Lurking in the background, of course, is the possible presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton.  The  nation’s voters have a right to know what the former first lady knew and when she knew it.