Latest Obamacare accomplishment: 'Medical Homelessness'

So, you've done your duty as a citizen and faithfully signed up for an Obamacare insurance policy. You've even paid your premium, God bless you.You are now eligible (after a $5000 deductible) to enjoy the true benefits of Obamacare.

That is...if you can find a doctor to treat you.


Rotacare, a free clinic for the uninsured in Mountain View, is dealing with the problem firsthand.

Mirella Nguyen works at the clinic said staffers dutifully helped uninsured clients sign up for Obamacare so they would no longer need the free clinic.

But months later, the clinic’s former patients are coming back to the clinic begging for help. “They’re coming back to us now and saying I can’t find a doctor, “said Nguyen.

Thinn Ong was thrilled to qualify for a subsidy on the health care exchange.  She is paying $200 a month in premiums. But the single mother of two is asking, what for?

“Yeah, I sign it. I got it. But where’s my doctor? Who’s my doctor? I don’t know,” said a frustrated Ong.

Nguyen said the newly insured patients checked the physicians’ lists they were provided and were told they weren’t accepting new patients or they did not participate in the plan.

And Nguyen says – while the free clinic isn’t technically supposed to be treating former patents they signed up for insurance, they can’t in good faith turn them away.

Dr. Kevin Grumbach of UCSF called the phenomenon “medical homelessness,” where patients are caught adrift in a system woefully short of primary care doctors.

“Insurance coverage is a necessary but not a sufficient condition to assure that people get access to care when they need it,” Grumbach said.

Those who can’t find a doctor are supposed to lodge a complaint with state regulators, who have been denying the existence of a doctor shortage for months.

Meanwhile, the sick and insured can’t get appointments.

“What good is coverage if you can’t use it?” Nguyen said.

Welcome to the wild, wonderful, wacky world of Obamacare. Where else can you sign up for insurance but can't get treated because your doctor has more common sense than Democratic politicians?

Obamacare is a Potemkin Village - on the surface, it appears to be a great deal. But look inside the reality of it and there's nothing there - high deductible, more expensive, and fewer choices for consumers.

A testament to Big Government.