Illegal Tax Refund Seizures in Our Corrupt Republic

The IRS has seized tax refunds to the tune of $1.9 billion from the children of deceased taxpayers who were overpaid Social Security benefits in the 1970s, reports The Washington Post.

The blame is being placed on a provision in the 2011 farm bill lifting a 10-year statute of limitations on debts owed to federal agencies.

The seizures are probably illegal nevertheless since they were done before notice was provided, and while debts should be paid out of an estate, tax refunds are not part of the estate. But due process and moral laws of property are rarely taken seriously anymore. Illegal laws too often trump constitutional protections despite the intended supremacy of the Constitution, which was written to govern and limit government.

So far no Member of Congress has stepped forward to claim credit for adding this provision to the farm bill. Whoever it was should be tossed out of office this November -- before given a proper tarring and feathering

The latter remedy is said in jest, of course. But our elected officials in this republic continue to grow government in ways not allowed and never foreseen under the Constitution. They give bureaucrats more power and then feign outrage when such abuses occur. James Madison’s remedy in Federalist 44 for this was to elect people who are more faithful to the Constitution.

The particular provision lifting the statute of limitations is not even the worst part of the 2011 farm bill, Public Law 110-246.

Looking through just the 2011 farm bill, the egregious, corrupt nature of Congress is easily buried in such behemoth laws. Below is simply the table of contents, not the entirety of Public Law 110-246. It was made for mischief against due process and private property rights under clever guises such as conservation, Food for Peace, energy and so on.

Meanwhile, the federal government and some states are engaging in armed raids on ranchers and farmers. The failures of our elected officials have created violent danger.